ROCO the Roller Coaster

ROCO is the world's first and only interactive roller coaster specially developed for public environment.

ROCO solves problems

We know that many centers are struggling with problems of profitability through reduced number of visitors. ROCO creates an experience for the whole family and attracts more people to the place where it is located.

INNTQ AB helps center owners to develop their centers by offering attractive interactive experiences specially developed for shopping centers. Experiences like attracts more visitors and which generates an income to the owner from the first ride.


Through ROCO we have created an experience that is completely unique in the world. It is Stand-Alone and does not require any staff present.

ROCO is unique in many ways. It is built around COTS (Commercial on the shelf). Everything to cope with daily use in 20 year.

ROCO is also unique in that those who ride ROCO builds and draws its own roller coaster. This means that you can never go same course twice. Then the whole ROCO follows every movement throughout the ride it an experience that is about 80% of a real roller coaster ride. - you also feel the wind in your hair.

ROCO is connected to the internet so we can update ROCO online and constantly build new worlds to ride or why not create a winter theme during Christmas.


  • Type designation: Simulator 110-230V XS 661540
  • Connection voltage: 230V / 110 V
  • Noise sound pressure level: Machine below 70 dB A. Sound experience via speakers max 85 dB A.
  • The machine weight: 735kg
  • The machine dimensions: L = 2000mm W = 2000mm H = 1600mm
  • User: Children and young people for a fee.
  • Max user weight: Max 120 kg per chair.
  • Minimum length children: 120 cm.

What does ROCO look like?

ROCO from the side

The picture shows a 4K screen of 75 inches and the two chairs that are attached to the motion platform. There is also a handle that you can hold on to during the ride.

ROCO from the front

The entire design of  ROCO will give the impression of a carriage from a roller coaster in the future.

ROCO backside

With the shape of a real roller coaster, you get an exciting impression. The entire platform with screen, chairs and the motion platform in one piece for easier placement and transport.


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